40th Pahnellenic Congress of Cardiology


Congress Program


Preliminary Program


The registration fees for the 40th Panhellenic Congress are the following:

Specialists                 200 euros
Residents                   Free
Chairmen/Speakers    100 euros

Nurses                       30 euros


For more information please contact:

Reservations Department Ms Maria Christou
Conferre S.A./Συνεδριακή Α.Ε
Stavrou Niarchou Ave., Mares Position
GR 455 00 Pedini, Ioannina, GREECE
Tel. +30 26510 68610 (ext18)
Fax: +30 26510 68611
Email: reservations@conferre.gr



Submission of Abstracts

You can submit your abstact here by 24/06/2019

Live broadcast

To watch the congress live and on-demand, visit the HCS channel webtv.hcs.gr.

Certificate of attendance


Organizing-Administrative Bureau/ Secretariat

Conferre SA: "The Art of Bringing People Together".
Stavrou Niarchou Ave., Mares Position
GR455 00 Pedini, Ioannina, GREECE
+30 26510 68610
+30 26510 68611

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