The initiative of scholarships granted annually by the Hellenic Society of Cardiology aims at the development of scientific disciplines and techniques related to cardiology that have not been sufficiently developed in Greece. To achieve this goal, financial assistance is provided to young Cardiologists in order for them to be able to go abroad and to be trained in the scientific field or technique, which in the judgment of the Board of Directors of the HCS, needs to be developed further in Greece.


The Board of Directors. of the Hellenic Society of Cardiology decided to award twenty (20) scholarships to Young Greek Cardiologists for the year 2020. Five (5) 12-month external scholarships and ten (10) 12-month national scholarships to Young Greek Cardiologists (not older than 40 years  of age) and 5 short-term scholarships to Greek Cardiologists irrespective of age .




A. Five (5) external scholarships in the subject areas:

1. Cardiomyopathies – (emphasis on genetics of cardiomyopathies)
2. Cardiovascular imaging (MRI-CT)
3. Electrophysiology (ablation of atrial fibrillation - cryoablation, left atrial closure devices)
4. Heart Failure: Cardiac Transplantation, Left Ventricular Assisted Lift Devices (LVAD)
5. Stroke: Directed thrombectomy
6. Sports cardiology Monitoring of athletes, heart disease and athletes

7. Specialized and Interventional Echocardiography (echonavigation and its role in 3D printing)


B. Ten (10)  national scholarships



1. Acceptance document of the center where you are going to be trained
2. Medical Degree
3. Medical Specialty Degree
4. Birth Certificate
5. Certificate confirming that the military obligations have been completed
6. Curriculum vitae
7. Completed scholarship application
8. Balance Sheet for the year 2018 or 2019
9. Solemn Statement of non-financing by any other public or private institution


C. Five (5) short-term scholarships

Five (5) short-term scholarships (1-3 months) will be awarded to Private Practice Cardiologists or Public Health Cardiologists wishing to undergo training in a specialized center abroad:



1.Acceptance document of the center where you are going to be trained
2. Medical Specialty Degree
3. Curriculum vitae
4. Completed scholarship application


To download the scholarship application, please click on the link: HCS Scholarship Application


The application is submitted online to HCS ([email protected])


Deadline for the submission of the supporting documents: 31/05/2019

For the selection of candidates the acquisition of the European Diplo ma of Cardiology as well as the active participation in the educational activities of HCS will be taken into account.

Candidates must be HCS members.

During the scholarship, the candidate is required to participate as an author and submit abstacts for the Panhellenic Congress of Cardiology  and  the HCS publications (Greek and English HCS Journal) as well as to participate actively in the HCS activities for residents and young cardiologists .


Scholarships of past years