The Hellenic Society of Cardiology will fund 5 research protocols for 2021. Researchers who are interested may submit their research proposals to HCS offices by 8th July 2020 at the latest.


The research protocol should not exceed 15 typed pages (double spacing - excluding bibliography).


The research protocols are submitted electronically.


The protocols should include the following sections:


1. Existing knowledge (1/2 - 1 page) describing the existing knowledge of the subject, as well as the possible contribution of the researcher.


2. Case of the proposed survey (1/2 page), which will clearly describe the hypothesis that the researcher has formed based on the existing knowledge.


3. Purpose (1/2 page), describing what is being sought by the survey.


4. Material and methods (6-7 pages):
A. Report of the material to be used (eg Healthy volunteers, patients, animal models, tissues, cells etc.) Approval by the Ethics Committee of the Center where research will be conducted is necessary.
B. Description of the methodology to be used. In this section the equipment of the laboratory-clinic where the research will be carried out should be mentioned. It is necessary to emphasize the experience of the research center in the particular methodology.
C. Statistics: the methods to be used for the statistical evaluation of the results are reported. The number of observations required for the results to be statistically significant needs to be determined as well.


5. Significance (1/2 - 1 page). The effects of the results on biomedical sciences and possible future clinical applications are reported.


6. Future prospects (1/2 - 1 pages). It is stated if there is a possibility of continuation of research by the researcher on the same or similar topic.


7. Bibliography. It should be numbered. The number of bibliographic references should not exceed 30.


8. Financial management. The management of the amount of money to be paid for the survey is described.


9. CV of researcher(s). After the demographics the following should be listed:
A. the year of completion of academic degree
B. the year of being awarded a PhD (if any)
C. Postgraduate studies and specialty
D. publications: only full paper publications in journals (not abstracts or presentations in congresses)
E. chapters in books
F. books


10. Letters. In addition to the CVs of the participating researchers, there should also be a letter indicating that the researcher will be involved in the research and the way in which he/she will be involved.


11. Submission will be completed electronically.


12. In the case of funding, 6 months from the beginning of the project the researcher should submit a report providing information on what has already been completed and before the last instalment of the grant a complete report should be submitted. In case of publications it must be stated that the research was also funded by HCS.


13. The researcher is responsible for adhering to all the ethical and legal regulations of the research.