WEBINAR : Risk stratification for sudden cardiac death: current status and future perspectives (EHRA Joint Session)


Working Group of Electrophysiology & Pacing European Heart Rhythm Association


Moderators: Κ. Gatzoulis (Athens), C. de Asmundis (Belgium)


Risk stratification of sudden cardiac death in Brugada syndrome, K. Letsas (Athens)


Catheter Ablation for Brugada Syndrome, J. Sieira (Belgium)


Discussant: L. Pannone – EHRA Young EP member (Belgium)


Noninvasive risk factors, MRI and the role ofelectrophysiology study in post infarction patients,

S. Nedios-EHRA Young EP ambassador (Germany)


Role of prophylactic VT ablation in post infarction patients, D. Tsiachris (Athens)


Discussant: I. Doundoulakis-EHRA Young EP ambassador (Belgium)

ehra joint session