Hellenic - Cyprus chapter of ACC

During the presidency of Professor Dimitrios Kremastinos the formation of a joint chapter of the Hellenic and the Cyprus Society of Cardiology was signed.
In the early years of the creation of the joint chapter there was an exchange of delegates at both annual meetings (The Panhellenic Congress of Cardiology and the ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo).
Great progress has been made over the past three years through the coordinator Associate Professor, Mr. K. Tsioufis, offering the potential to develop stronger scientific links between the two scientific bodies.
HCS has been invited to jointly organize a Round Table with other scientific bodies, such as South Korea (2015), the Russian Cardiology Society (2016), the German Cardiac Society (2017), always under the coordination of an ACC Board member.
Since 2016 the chapter of HCS has been named one of the distinguished chapters due to its active participation in ACC activities and the development of an exchange program with the affiliated chapter of N. Jersey. The outcome of this distinction is the provision of free subscriptions to the ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo, the creation of a Young Cardiologists Association with access to the educational material of the College.
HCS requested the approval of up to 5 free registrations of Trainees for the Annual Meeting, the organization of the Southern European Regional Conference in Greece, free access to the journals for New Cardiologists meeting certain scientific criteria, the participation of a larger number of Greek Cardiologists as Speakers, Presidents etc. at the ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo.
The American College of Cardiology proposed that Greek Cardiologists participate as Reviewers, Speakers and Presidents at the international Congresses of the College.
It was also requested from HCS, to be represented in a competition about Guidelines among four chapters at the ACC 2018 Scientific Session & Expo.



The Hellenic Society of Cardiology is a founding member of the ESC. There is an active participation of the HCS in the activities of ESC (Guidelines, Abstract Reviewers, Speakers and Presidents at congresses, program committee, members of Working Groups, Associations, Councils). It holds the tenth place among the 56 National Cardiac Societies in terms of members’ participation.
The members of HCS that are fellows in the ESC account for 7.6% of all FESCs.
In 2016 eighteen members of the HCS were elected members of bodies of the Working Groups, Associations, Councils and the Board of ESC.
In the past two years, a particularly active role of HCS members has been developed at the annual European Congress, with the co-organization of joint sessions.
Since 2015 HCS funds the participation of 50 Trainees in the Diploma of European Cardiologist Exam. Four of our members are involved in formulating exam questions.
Since 2017 HCS has participated in the pilot e-learning program for homogenizing education in Central Europe.
ESC participates in the Panhellenic HCS congresses with joint round tables and topics related to the Guidelines.