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It has been pointed out many times that education in Cardiology is heterogeneous, not only in Greece, but also in Europe. As part of an effort to offer homogeneous education in Cardiology, the European Society of Cardiology has developed a training program in Cardiology. This program provides more than 260 courses accompanied by self-assessment questions, is accessible over the Internet and is interactive. It also includes submission of interactive case logbooks and procedure logbooks.
Upon completion of the Cardiology training program, the trainee will receive a certificate to be issued jointly by the European and Hellenic Society of Cardiology. This certificate is a certificate of competence and will allow the young Cardiologist to have greater mobility and acceptance in all member countries of the European Society of Cardiology. Additionally, the completion of the Cardiology training program incorporates the knowledge required to ensure success in the Diploma of European Cardiologist exam, in case the Cardiologist wishes to participate in it.
As always, the Hellenic Society of Cardiology, is a pioneer in education and provides free access to those who wish to join the program. The official launch of the ESC-HCS E-learning program took place during the Seminars of the HCS Working Groups in February 2017.


The successful outcome of the program requires a sufficient number of trainers to supervise the training and progress of the trainees.
Up to now (12/04/2017), 73 trainers have been registered, which proves the ethos and interest of Greek specialists in the field of education. However, even more trainers are needed. Cardiology specialists working at organized Cardiology Clinics (Universities, NHS Hospitals, Military Hospitals and Private Medical Institutions) are invited to participate in the program as trainers. In this context, a registration form can be submitted through the link https://goo.gl/forms/svFAJbXyAJwbJstz1 or by email [email protected]. Initially, each trainer will supervise up to three trainees. The trainees can be either from the trainer’s or from another hospital.


Cardiology trainees constitute the core and purpose of the E-learning program. All interested Cardiology trainees in Greece are invited to participate. Indeed, with the impending change in examinations for obtaining medical specialty through Panhellenic Exams, the completion of this program will probably play an important role in the success in the exams for Cardiology specialty in Greece. Until now, 49 trainees have been enrolled in the E-learning program. Taking into account the proven studiousness of the young Greek Cardiology trainees, we expect and wish a large increase in this number. Cardiology trainees can enroll in the ESC-HCS E-learning Program by following these instructions:
You should visit http://learn.escardio.org/general-cardiology/homepage.aspx and choose: ESC General Cardiology Training Program (restricted access) and then choose enroll. For more instructions, you should visit: http://learn.escardio.org/general-cardiology/education-at-esc/get-started and choose: 2 - ESC General Cardiology Training Program (restricted access).
Also, a detailed description of the program can be found at: https://www.livemedia.gr/video/270972
ESC-HCS E-learning users, trainers and trainees, can address any comments or questions to [email protected]

President of HCS:     Program Director:
K. Tsioufis                  A. Kitsiou




E-learning program in General Cardiology of the European and Hellenic Society of Cardiology - Invitation for expression of interest